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6 harmful news fables about intercourse and Latinas

6 harmful news fables about intercourse and Latinas 3. We are submissive. Then we must be docile and God-fearing asexual women if we're not fiery vixens trying to have sex with everyone in our path. Latinas are getting to be more educated and empowered than in the past, yet this label is still predominant. Based on a 2012 report, Latinas obtained three out of each and every five associate or bachelor’s levels issued towards the Latino populace this season. In line with the 2011 census survey carried out by the Pew Hispanic Center, 17 % of Latinas (ages 25-29) have actually at the least a degree that is bachelor’s weighed against ten percent of Latino men. Just why is it then that the Lupe that is late Ontiveros to play a maid a lot more than 150 times? "Playing the ma she said. "I'll do the maid if you spend. " How come ladies still need to get this option? (more…)

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